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 I fell in love with I Insure me when I learned most insurance agents make 720,000.00  including commissions and base pay yearly after working for about ten years.  I insure me seemed like the best way to support my daughter. It seemed like the right thing to do. I even offered to buy an iphone to my best sales rep this last christmas to get people to join because I was excited.  Unfortunately I am not a very good sales person. I lack a lot of skill in that department. So I am considering cancelling my subscribtion. It hurts like hell though and I don't want to. I want to join with amazing people and get this going as fast and as as far as possible because working from home and being with my daughter are so important to me and I know when you take a regular product and turn it into an MLM it becomes an extraordinary vehicle for the ordinary person to make a lot of money. It makes ordinary people CEO's without a 50,000 investment.  I want to be the CEO of my life so I can write

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